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Community Arts and Culture Rebuilding Revitalising

Rebuilding and revitalising communities

This section explores how councils can use arts and culture to rebuild and revitalise communities that have experienced challenging environmental, economic or social circumstances, such as a natural disaster or decline in a major local industry.

These initiatives fall into two categories:

  • placemaking
  • community recovery


Placemaking is a community-driven approach which seeks to transform spaces into places where people want to live, work and play.  Placemaking can:

  • enhance community identity and sense of belonging
  • improve actual and perceived public safety
  • provide opportunities for innovation and creativity
  • stimulate economic outcomes.

While placemaking is not new, the approach is used across Australia to revitalise communities and stimulate economic outcomes. For example: Creative Spaces, Renew Newcastle and Animating Spaces. More information about these and other placemaking initiatives is located on CultureLink.

Community recovery

Community recovery is both an outcome, and a process. Beyond the rebuilding and repairing of physical infrastructure and homes, community recovery places people at the centre of recovery efforts, focusing on the long-term restoration of emotional, social, economic and physical wellbeing.

An important outcome of recovery is the ability of individuals and communities to bounce back. By increasing resilience, individuals, families and communities can be stronger and have greater capacity to manage their response to disasters and recovery in the future.

In collaboration with Arts Queensland and the Local Government Arts and Culture Reference Group, LGAQ has developed two resources to support arts-led community recovery.

The arts in community recovery, rebuilding and renewal

Tips for initiating an art-led recovery projects

For more information and case studies visit Arts Queensland or Creative Recovery Network

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