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Community Arts and Culture Networks


You are not alone. This section will help you connect with LGAQ, colleagues in other councils and the wider arts and culture sector.


CultureLink is a free online community which seeks to promote and enhance excellence in regional arts and culture. It is a vibrant and safe place where you can:

  • build relationships with like-minded individuals and organisations
  • share information, tips and tools
  • keep up to date with current thinking and contribute to debates about opportunities and challenges
  • celebrate and be inspired by innovative practices
  • seek objective feedback and suggestions.

To join CultureLink follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Register to create a CollectV member profile
  2. Visit the CultureLink homepage
  3. Click ‘Request membership'

National Local Government Cultural Forum

The National Local Government Cultural Forum was created to help local government strengthen arts and cultural development in their areas. Made up of representatives from each capital city, national and state-based local government associations, Cultural Development Network, Australia Council for the Arts, Office for the Arts and the Global Cities Research Institute, the Forum will provide valuable opportunities for advocacy, knowledge sharing and partnership working.

Visit the Cultural Development Network for more information, including Terms of Reference and communiques.

Local Government Arts and Culture Reference Group

The Local Government Arts and Culture Reference Group aims to strengthen the relationship between State and local government in order to effectively position arts and culture. The Reference group provides a forum to discuss emerging trends and issues in arts and cultural development and identify strategies and partnership opportunities.

The group is made up of 15 councillors and senior council officers from across the state and is co-chaired by Arts Queensland and LGAQ. View the Terms of Reference and read about meeting outcomes.