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Total Solutions provides a wide range of specialised local government training and consulting services to our member councils on a fee-for-service basis. 

2014-15 has seen a significant growth in our business with an overall increase in revenue of 46 percent.  

Total Solutions trained about 1750 council staff members and worked with 74 of the state’s 77 councils during the year.

We focussed on regular meetings with our council clients to understand their specific needs and skills gaps and developed several new courses, including Industrial Relations Workshop, Leadership Development Program, Call Centre Training and De-escalating Aggressive Behaviour.

Total Solutions offered courses at 26 different locations in regional centres.  

Combined with in-house courses, we delivered training at 38 different locations around the state.  

This year, Total Solutions has delivered 21 full qualification courses plus a number of individual accredited units and 130 short courses, with a total of about 300 days of training.

We have established new online learning arrangements providing improved flexibility and contractual arrangements to councils and created a full-time position to manage our eLearning platforms.Our tailored eLearning content reaches clients who cannot attend on-site training due to budget and time constraints.

With the release of the new Award, our Workforce team has assisted over 35 councils with their certified agreement strategy, payroll transitioning or negotiations.  

Total Solutions has upgraded its capability and is now providing a wide range of financial, regulatory and internal audit services.  

We have supported many Category 3 councils in establishing Audit Committees as well as establishing a panel of independent Audit Committee members available to councils.  

We are currently providing internal audit services to 10 councils.

Recruitment services are expanding this year, with the appointment of a full-time recruitment executive and the purchase of an electronic recruitment system designed to bring significantly more capacity to the function within Total Solutions. 

These initiatives will mean Total Solutions can offer members extended recruitment services in executive search, labour hire/short term contracting services and flexible offerings in talent attraction and management.