Strategic Workforce Planning and HR Metrics Strategic Workforce Planning and HR Metrics

A total of 20 councils have provided Human Resource Metrics data to the LGAQ to help them better manage workforce matters and provide a foundation for strategic workforce planning. We have also worked with State and Territory local government associations to develop an agreed set of national local government HR Metrics due to come on line in 2016.

Interest in HR Metrics and Strategic Workforce Planning continues to grow and planning is underway to convene a regional workshop in late 2015.

The LGAQ’s annual collection of  Workforce Census data, the only set of consistent time series data for 2001 to 2015, features in our Industry Skills Workforce and Development Plan which has been used by state and federal government departments as well as the Productivity Commission.

The data allows us to make key representations to the State and Federal Government on legislative and policy change, funds allocation and other government and industry interventions.