Review of Fly In, Fly Out Arrangements Review of Fly In, Fly Out Arrangements

The Government’s ‘Strong and Sustainable Resource Communities’ Policy proposes an end to 100 percent FIFO operations near regional communities, introducing choice for workers and requiring mining proponents to utilise existing housing when applying for an EIS.

The LGAQ’s Policy Statement 2014 states that Local Government is opposed to 100 percent FIFO developments in established resource communities because it discriminates against workers outside identified FIFO hubs, has negative impacts on social cohesion and diminishes economic benefits to local and regional communities.

The LGAQ’s submission to the Queensland Parliament’s Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources Committee inquiry into FIFO stated that a suitable level of FIFO / non-resident workforce versus local workforce had not been established.

We believe further research to establish the extent of impacts on local government is warranted and, where the use of non-resident workforces is relevant, proponents need to engage the receiving local government from an early stage.

The Government has also established an expert panel to review and provide recommendations on how to end 100 per cent FIFO operations near regional communities and introduce choice for workers to live in the resource communities near to where they work.  Isaac Mayor Anne Baker and Mackay Mayor Deirdre Comerford are on the panel.  In June, LGAQ appeared before the panel to discuss the issues from a local government perspective.

Pending the recommendations of both the inquiry and expert panel, the LGAQ will seek to be involved in the development of the Government’s policy.