Queensland Local Government Health Plan Queensland Local Government Health Plan

The Queensland Local Government Health Plan is a joint initiative of the LGAQ and Health Link Consultants and is supported by the national health insurance fund HCF. The plan involves a new approach to reducing health insurance costs by establishing an excess refund pool that will refund the policy excess payable by plan members if they need to go to hospital. This allows plan members to achieve significant premium savings by taking on a policy excess with their hospital cover but not being required to meet the cost of the excess if they need to make a claim for hospital treatment. The excess refund pool used to refund policy excess payments made by plan members is funded by the plan’s supporting health fund, HCF.

This approach to health insurance provides employees with an additional workplace benefit specific to local government and supports efforts to identify councils as attractive employers. The plan is open to council employees and elected members. During 2014/15 over $14,000 in excess reimbursements were paid to council employees.