Local Government Workcare Local Government Workcare

Local Government Workcare (LGW) is a joint undertaking by Queensland councils, council-controlled entities and the LGAQ to hold a worker’s compensation self-insurance license. 

Scheme members are provided with full workers’ compensation cover and pro-active claims management, injury management and injury prevention services. LGW seeks to maintain a more stable and predictable cost environment, and directly assist members to reduce the incidence and cost of workplace injuries. 

During 2014/15 LGW’s consistent financial performance was again underpinned by effective, local government specific claim and injury management service outcomes. LGW continues to achieve performance outcomes that exceed state averages in all key areas of workers’ compensation management. These achievements enabled the LGW Management Committee to determine that a further $2 million in surplus funds was available to be distributed to members during 2015/16. The distribution brings the total of surplus funds distributed by LGW since its inception in 1998 to $14.4 million. 

A priority of the scheme during 2014/15 has been to minimize the financial impact on members of ongoing uncertainty over workers’ compensation legislation and particularly the right of access to common law damages for workplace injuries. LGW has taken a prudent approach to recognising savings from legislation introduced by the previous Queensland Government limiting common law access rights. This recognised the risk of a new government altering or reversing the limitations. That is now in the process of occurring. LGW’s approach again reflects the objective of maintaining a stable and predictable financial environment for members.   


LGW has also continued to refine the broad range of injury and risk management services provided to members. Further enhancement of the SAFE PLAN safety management system audit program has provided members with new electronic tools that reduce the time taken to complete internal audits and prepare action plans. The internal audits form part of an integrated audit program that include follow up audits by LGW WH&S consultants and support from the LGM LGW Regional Risk Coordinators.