LGM Queensland LGM Queensland

LGM Queensland (LGM) is Queensland local government’s legal liability self-insurance scheme that operates with the sole objective of delivering benefits to councils and local government-controlled entities. Since inception it has provided a range of covers including public liability, professional indemnity, councillors’ and officers’ liability, employment practices liability and cover provided to casual hirers of council facilities. On 30 June 2015, LGM successfully launched a new fund to provide cover for local government assets and the full range of related covers required by councils including motor vehicle, machinery and personal accident. A key objective of LGM Assets is to directly assist members enhance asset management processes and outcomes. 

With the new assets fund in place, LGM provides councils with a local government controlled one-stop shop for all insurance and risk servicing requirements. LGM’s continuing objective is to provide reliable, local government-specific cover and maintain a significantly more stable cost environment for members than traditional insurance arrangements.

The ongoing strength of LGM’s financial position enabled the LGM Board of Management to determine that further surplus funds were available for distribution to members. With the support of the LGAQ, arrangements have been made for a total of $2 million to be distributed to continuing LGM members as part of the 2015/16 member contribution invoicing process. This distribution follows the membership dividend provided by way of a reduction in 2014/15 member contributions resulting in total 2014/15 contributions being less than in 2013/14.


Members also continued to receive contribution rebates based on implementation of risk management procedures. LGM’s ongoing risk management support again included development and updating of advisory guides for management of risks associated with major local government responsibilities, upgrading of LGM’s free JRS risk management software and on-the-ground professional support provided by Regional Risk Coordinators.