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The LGAQ succeeded in achieving a single local government industry award. While the content of the modern award did not entirely meet with our satisfaction, we achieved conditions of employment that better serve the interests of Councils as employers of an efficient and sustainable local workforce. Councils, to which the new award immediately applied, reported the significant benefits in its administration and application in contrast to the pre-modernised system of awards.

The new award removed a number of historical practices that were no longer relevant to contemporary local government and/or were best addressed through enterprise bargaining.

The LGAQ supported several councils through the transition to the new modern award and assisted with their enterprise bargaining. This was in the face of unions refusing to support or participate in enterprise bargaining and their efforts to coerce councils from moving to the new award.

Unfortunately, the new State Government suspended all enterprise bargaining activities and subsequently legislated to have the earlier decisions of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission on the new award reviewed. The LGAQ rigorously argued against the Government’s direction and at the time of publication was putting its case to support the retention of the single award and oppose the return of dated and irrelevant employment conditions.