Disaster Management Disaster Management

The LGAQ is committed to providing Disaster Management (DM) support to councils.

Despite the withdrawal of direct state funding, the LGAQ has maintained the position of the Principal Advisor Disaster Management to provide direct support to councils and to ensure broad-based representation at various state level forums and committees.

The LGAQ continues to provide strategic operational representation at the State Disaster Coordination Centre (SDCC) during events and have developed a strategy to expand this capacity to honour our long-standing commitment to be in the SDCC whenever councils are at stand-up during disaster events.

The key roles and responsibilities of this area are:

  • Direct engagement and communication with councils to ensure DM issues are identified, understood and communicated to ensure there is a coherent council perspective of local disaster management issues;
  • Engage directly with state agencies to facilitate consideration of the local perspective and consultation with councils to ensure the best development of DM policies and strategies; and
  • Providing representation at key state level committees to reflect the fundamental importance of local issues to influence the development of strategic and political directions

Additionally, the DM area provides direct support and information exchange to all councils through the monthly DM Update - and where required ‘flash alerts’ - to ensure councils are aware of any proposed changes or new arrangements that could impact on their local arrangements.

The LGAQ will continue to provide representation at important forums including the State Disaster Coordination Group, Queensland Tropical Cyclone Consultative Committee.

During disaster events, the LGAQ recognises the significant impact on councils in the affected areas and will provide operational support through our ongoing commitment to be amongst the “first in and last out” in the State Disaster Coordination Centre Joint Intelligence Group. This is our key to representing local issues whilst also providing a point of contact with the DM arrangements for activated councils.