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Why this year's LGAQ communications forum is a gamechanger

Friday 28 September 2018

Communication. It’s what allows us to share information with our community. Update them about ongoing projects, and how people get in touch to share their questions and concerns. Communication is vital to every local government’s ability to service their community effectively. 

The local government sector in Queensland has reached a critical moment in its evolution as the pillars of digital, communication, customer service and ‘business as usual’ are intertwined. LGX

We’re excited as we look forward to hosting a new kind of communication and professional development event. LGx: Connecting the now is a two-day exploration of this synergy. This unique event will host leaders with multi-disciplinary skills across technology, digital, marketing and communication to share their insights – and actionable take-aways – for the future of communication in the public sector and beyond. 

Why attend? 

Experience hands-on professional development opportunities with real actions you can implement in your community – think walking away with weekly social media templates, new skills in understanding today's communication cycle and the technical training you've never known you always needed. 

Experience a live campaign exercise. We’ll be workshopping ideas relevant to local government with experts from the fields of government relations, marketing, branding and media – and with you. 

We know councils want to connect with information and examples of best practice communication to help them better share their story. At LGx we'll be launching a report which asks the questions: What does best practice communication look like in today's councils? Where are we going – and how can we get there? 

Give your brain a rest at networking opportunities while mingling with communication professionals, sector leaders and private sector reps – all looking to learn and share. Hear case studies from councils from all corners of the state – with new and interesting stories to tell around communication and engagement in a new world. 

LGx will bring together keynote speakers, industry experts and thought leaders to share their knowledge and experience and present a broad-ranging program of events. From Crisis communication and customer service to the power of social media and the importance of big data.

Who is it for? 

Simple answer is, everyone! While at it’s core, LGx is a communication event and we’d encourage all media, communication and marketing teams to attend, along with elected members and council CEOs, this is about professional development. We’d encourage all council members and staff to take advantage of this opportunity. 

Where and when? 

LGx will run following the 2018 LGAQ Annual Conference and is the ideal occasion for elected members and council staff learn new skills and understanding to help engage with their communities. 

  • Weds 31 October – (Council staff only) 
  • Thursday 1 – Friday 2 November 2018 
  • Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre 

Communication is a key part of the success of any organisation and through our ability to connect and innovate, local council can achieve great things. 

Find out more at 

Local Government Association of Queensland
LG House, 25 Evelyn Street, Newstead Qld 4006


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