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Remote Area Tax Inquiry update


Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Inquiry into Australia’s Remote Area Tax Concessions and Payments 

Following the release of the draft report in September, information requests and responses have been invited to be lodged by 11 October 2019. We encourage contributions from members for the LGAQ submission and have obtained approval to lodge this by 18 October 2019.

NOTE: Pages 37 to 43 note initial findings and recommendations. 

Invitation to speak with the Inquiry Commissioners

Queensland councils and ROCs have been invited to participate in a teleconference with the Inquiry Commissioners at 10am AEST 25 October. If a representative from your council would like to participate in the teleconference, please contact Roland McMillan, LGAQ Lead - Economics and Finance. 


Along with 14 Queensland councils and the NWQROC, the LGAQ made its initial submission (#90) which also cited a 2011 paper on this subject prepared for the Council of Mayors Darling Downs and South-West Queensland.

In the submission, the LGAQ highlighted the need for the Federal government to deliver on promises to support communities in regional Australia and to implement policies that address the issue of declining populations in many regional areas. 

The strong economic rationalist approach evident in many of the Inquiry draft report findings and recommendations appears to assume that markets operate in the same way across all locations in Australia. The economic contribution to the national economy made by regional economies, including to food security and exports, appears to have been overlooked. 

In contrast, the general tone of submissions indicate strong support for a revised system of compensating measures indicated in many of the submissions. These provide accounts of the challenges of living and working in remote areas, including transport costs, access to services and accounts of market failure.

The Productivity Commission is due to make its final report to the Federal government in February 2020.


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