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Public perceptions of local councils integrity on the rise

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

New research released in August has found that nearly 10% more Australians have increased levels of trust in local government compared to 2016.

As the level of government closest to communities, delivering local services and driving economic and regional growth across the country, it is reassuring for the sector to see that public perceptions relating to corruption within local councils are on a positive trend. Results from the Global Corruption Barometer Survey (Australia) conducted by Griffith University and Transparency International Australia, showed the largest segment of respondents confirmed a nearly 10% increase in confidence since 2016 that local council officials are largely not involved in corruption.

The Survey also illustrated that respondents now have increased confidence that 'most' councillors are not involved in corruption.

Extract from the Data Release - Global Corruption Barometer Survey (Australia) conducted by Griffith University and Transparency International Australia

For the clear majority of the approximately 547 local councils across the country whose staff and democratically elected councillors are working hard to build better local communities, meeting a multitude of legislative requirements and setting exemplary ethical standards it is a pat on the back to know that communities now have a 4.2% increase in confidence that ‘none’ of their officials are involved in corruption.

Complementing this upward trend in public trust, the LGAQ’s 2017 Community Satisfaction Tracking Study showed, in comparison with state or federal parliamentarians, 28% of respondents felt that local government councillors were more dedicated to serving the community (21% in 2015, 26% in 2013, 18% in 2011 and 2009). Only 11% felt they were less dedicated (6% in 2015, 12% in 2013, 25% in 2011, 21% in 2009).

Queensland councils are determined to continue as leaders in transparency and accountability to guarantee public confidence and trust.

The LGAQ Policy Executive endorsed the 2018 Beyond Belcarra 10 Point Plan to guide the Queensland local government sector’s strong commitment to demanding the highest standards of integrity in all aspects of local government operations. SEE the Beyond Belcarra Plan.

The Global Corruption Barometer Survey (Australia) was conducted nationally by telephone among 2,218 respondents aged 18 years and over. Survey fieldwork was conducted over the period May 21 - June 27, 2018.

See The Global Corruption Barometer Survey (Australia) Data Release

See The LGAQ’s 2017 Community Satisfaction Tracking Study

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