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LGAQ appears at waste hearing

The LGAQ this week appeared behalf of its members at the public hearing into the highly anticipated Waste Reduction and Recycling (Waste Levy) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2018.
This legislation comes at an important time in the development of a sustainable waste management industry in Queensland, with the overwhelming majority of Queenslanders supporting a zero-waste goal. Despite this public support, the legislation does not guarantee 100% return of waste levy funds to the waste and recycling industries in Queensland.Waste in Queensland

What did we argue?

  • There is a lack of clarity around the treatment of several council waste streams as well as the risk of extra costs to households;
  • While local government welcomes the 105% offset for the domestic waste levy, councils will face infrastructure costs to be waste levy ready. Current State Government funding is not enough;
  • A review of the waste levy zone criteria is needed to ensure far demarcation which includes consideration of local economic conditions, population, waste volumes and more.

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