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In the eye of the storm

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

“There was a lot of hugging, obviously, a lot of handshaking, a lot of backslapping…”

Gympie Regional Council Deputy Mayor, Bob Leitch, found himself in the eye of the storm yesterday, when Vow and Declare won the Melbourne Cup.

Councillor Leitch is a co-owner of the Cup’s first Australian winner since 2009, but came to racing through the most unlikely of paths.

“I was turning 50 and wasn’t really sure what I wanted for a 50th,” Councillor Leitch said, “and [Bob’s wife] Correne kept asking me ‘what do you want?’”

With no better idea for a special gift – and the window closing on syndicate membership – Councillor Leitch had his lightbulb moment. 

“What about a share in a racehorse?”

Bob Leitch told the LGAQ’s Tim Cox about his journey to Flemington, his day at the Cup and bumping into Cameron Smith just after the win…

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