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Have your say: Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) - Waste management reforms

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

On 13 December 2019, the Queensland Government announced the release of the Consultation RIS that opened for public comment relating to the Local Government Waste Management Reforms Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement (PDF, 1MB).

The Consultation RIS proposes two options:

  • Option 1 – no change.
  • Option 2 – amendments to the regulation that will retain local government’s ability to mandate the collection of domestic waste but will only allow local governments to designate areas for council commercial waste collection only when strict criteria are met.

The LGAQ has long maintained the retention of Section 7 of the Waste Reduction and Recycling Regulation 2011, with the LGAQ Policy Executive unanimously resolving in February 2017 to write to the Minister to retain these provisions and that any changes to current arrangements will lead to:

  • a clear cost shift to local communities to the sole benefit of the private sector
  • reduction in the certainty regarding ensuring all domestic and non-domestic properties have access to appropriate, affordable and convenient services
  • reduced ability to control and regulate collection activities and the resultant negative impacts on public health, safety and amenity
  • additional impacts on the provision of broader waste services, inefficiencies in collection services, contract arrangements and negotiations and resource recovery.

The LGAQ will be making a submission to the State Government and as such is seeking your input on this matter. If you wish your comments to be considered can you please advise the LGAQ contact, Robert Ferguson, Lead - Public Health and Waste via email on by Friday 31st January 2020.

Alternatively, you may wish to provide your own feedback to the State Government. The due date is 10 February 2020‚Äč.

Local Government Association of Queensland
LG House, 25 Evelyn Street, Newstead Qld 4006


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