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End of waste code could add extra pressure to communities

Monday 17 December 2018

In its submission to the Department of Environment and Science’s End of Waste Code for Biosolids Draft, the LGAQ has said additional regulation and cost requirements could add considerable pressure to Queensland communities.  

Arron Hieatt, LGAQ's lead for water and sewerage infrastructure said the upcoming waste levy was an area of concern. 

“The pending waste levy does not exclude biosolids, and alone will add more than $10 million in costs.” 

“Currently 92% of biosolids produced by wastewater treatment plants are used in agricultural operations that help condition the soil, and in some instances make it more resilient to drought.  

The conditions in the draft Code would force councils to divert all biosolids to landfill - creating waste rather than ending it. 

"The end of waste code should at a minimum continue the current levels of reuse in Queensland, if not improve upon them – the draft code fails to do that,” he said. 

“The position of councils on this matter was confirmed in a conference motion at this year's LGAQ annual conference. “ 

“The motion sought for the Queensland Government to develop a code that,’...does not disadvantage, impose additional regulation or financial impacts on councils’. “ 

You can read LGAQ's submission here. 

See the infographic below on the End of Waste Code for Boisolids. You can also download this infographic here. 

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