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Councils show support for zero waste plan

Thursday 7 June 2018

Queensland councils showed support for a zero waste plan by 2028 at the LGAQ waste forum, held this week in Brisbane.

The Forum saw the launch of two new detailed reports which reveal the value in, and public support for, an energy from waste solution.

Key findings:

  • The waste levy has the capacity to fund an ambitious ten (10) year plan worth $2.5 billion to build five to eight high technology plants involving options, including anaerobic digestion and/or gaseous extraction and/or refuse derived fuel power plants.
  • The majority (83%) of residents support a Zero Waste goal.
  • Three quarters (75%) of residents support Waste to Energy technology investment and initiatives.
  •  Importantly 90% of residents believe that funds raised from controls and levies must be 100% diverted back into waste management initiatives and programs. 

Scenic Rim Regional Council Councillor Greg Chistensen said the event was a great opportunity for debate, discussion and paved a way for future developments in waste and recycling, 

"For a long time the issue of waste has had different degrees of focus around the's delightful to hear everyone starting to talk about zero waste."

Toowoomba Regional Council Councillor Nancy Sommerfield said the forum presented opportunies that were available and emerging in waste and recycling, 

"It's good to have so many people in the room with diversity of agenda."

"There are a lot of opportunities out there. We believe we are leading the way in many ways; we have a really good strategy, we're closing off landfills, building new waste transfer faciltilies...I'm keen to see how we advance that into the future."


Local Government Association of Queensland
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