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A 3D approach to slowing motorists

Friday 7 December 2018

BouliaWhat started as a quick glance on Facebook by Boulia Shire Mayor Rick Britton has ended in a project that can claim to be the first of its kind in Australia. The 3D Zebra Crossing has worked successfully in countries including India, the United Sates, Malaysia and Iceland.  

The crossing is designed to give drivers the optical illusion of a raised surface and has proven to be an efficient way to slow drivers. Boulia is the first Australian town to join in on a traffic calming craze that is sweeping the globe. A three-dimensional zebra crossing was painted by Boulia Shire Council out the front of the local state school. 


The white blocks seem to float up from the road forming an optical illusion, the idea is that vehicles will slow down as they approach it. Boulia Shire Council Mayor Rick Britton said he discovered the three-dimensional crossings on social media. 

"I saw that other countries had put 3D crossings in to slow the traffic down," Cr Britton said. 

"I thought that'd be a great idea in a little outback town like ours." 

Cr Britton said Boulia Shire Council had already purchased a line-marking device and the idea went from there.   "I thought why don't we give it a go?" he said. 

Boulia Shire Council Works and Operations Manager Harin Karra said “Council had initially trialled the 3D crossing on the existing crossing bordering the school and health clinic and a second crossing was transformed at the front of the school. 

The Mayor was quite surprised at the amount of interest which was generated by the initial 3D crossing with social media going into overdrive.  It made Boulia the talk of the town for a while. Thanks to a proactive Mayor, and enthusiastic Director of Works and Operations and the help of the local Queensland Correctional Services Work Camp crew we were able to ‘bring the road to life’.   

Boulia – the little town who did – while everyone else was still thinking about it!  

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