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10 things not to miss at the 2018 LGAQ Annual Conference

Thursday, 4 October, 2018

The countdown to the 2018 Annual Conference in Brisbane is on.

Themes of trust and security – online and off – will weave their way through showcase projects, services and sessions featured at Conference.
Whether you’re attending or keeping up with debate online via the hashtag #LGAQ2018, here’s 10 things you won’t want to miss.
1. The launch of a state-wide awareness campaign showcasing the role of local government.
The Conference will see LGAQ President Mayor Mark Jamieson debut a brand-new television commercial set to hit Queensland’s screens from November 11th. The campaign will run throughout 2019 and highlight the pride and commitment of councils serving Queenslanders as part of their everyday.
2. The motions debate.
A microcosm of democracy in action, the debate sessions will see councils from Boulia to Brisbane debate motions on hot button issues like drought funding, zero waste and reforming the way councils are funded.  LGAQ members can check out the preliminary list of motions on LG Online. 
3. The entertainment.
Now in its 32nd year, Queensland Pops Orchestra plays popular classics and new arrangements of old favourites. The iconic professional freelance orchestra will hit the stage at the Gala Dinner, Tuesday October 30. Bring your dancing shoes!
4. Drilling deeper into big data.
Along with a keynote address from GWI Executive Chairman Neil Glenworth on big data with a public purpose, Annual Conference will feature a Living Lab dedicated to the ways in which data can be analysed and used to improve council services and operations is the key to our future, as part of the LGAQ’s LG Sherlock project.
5. Get your game face on.
The LGAQ is exploring new ways to educate and engage the public on complex issues like planning and development processes and decisions. Keep your eyes peeled for a sneak preview of a new concept we’re testing. We’re looking for member feedback!
6. The winner of the 2018 LGAQ Journalism Award. 
Who will receive the $15K prize recognising the best of regional journalism in Queensland? Derek Barry, from the North West Star at Mount Isa, Nicole Bond, from the ABC and Vanessa Marsh, from The Courier-Mail, and Emma Field, from the Weekly Times are all finalists. The winner will be announced Monday 29th of October.
7. Looking deeper into our backyard.
Queensland councils are determined to be leaders in transparency and accountability to guarantee public confidence. The LGAQ will introduce councils to an interactive tool in development, allowing the public to delve into the facts and figures that make up their local council – and the neighbouring councils which make up our State.
8. Communication in the digital age in the spotlight.
LGx: Connecting the now will directly follow Annual Conference, and will host leaders across technology, digital, marketing and communication to share their insights – and actionable take-aways - with councils. Registrations still open.
9. The Butch Lenton memorial award.
In recognition of the innovative contribution to Queensland made by Graeme ‘Butch’ Lenton as Mayor of Winton Shire Council, Peak Services will announce the council recipient of this inaugural award recognising innovation in local government.
10. Plotting our digital future.
The LGAQ manages most Queensland local government websites – and is making a substantial investment in a new world-class content management system. Visit the LGAQ Booth to hear more about how the platform is empowering council teams to tell great local stories and enhance customer service. 

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