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Acting CEO message: Decisions

Decisions. One of the most empowering characteristics of local government is the opportunity, at every council meeting, to make decisions.

A monumental week

I just felt the earth move. In the past 24 hours, the Queensland Government has committed to a zero waste to landfill future, and a waste to energy strategy.

CEO Column: A blitz of Western Queensland

Across this week and the next, the LGAQ and Peak Services will have had a dozen staff – including the President – visit nine councils in Western Queensland

Let the arm twisting begin

Bread and butter issues this week at Local Government House with both the LGAQ Rating Masterclass and our State Government Budget submission.

Waste not, want more

The business of government is never smooth but it should always be pursued with an aspirational eye on the fortunes of future generations.

Mother Nature comes calling

Good old mother nature was front and centre in Queensland over the last week with 10 councils disaster declared and 30 activated under Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements.

Big 3, big news

It's been a 'RRR' week this last seven days at your Association - Roads, Rates and Rubbish. Find out why in this weekly CEO update from Greg Hallam.

EMU spreads its wings

We kick off the update series next week, with teams heading out across Queensland to talk to elected members and CEOs on trends and trials for councils, including the importance of corporate culture and the ongoing challenge of financial sustainability.

Lobbying ministers the choice in a mixed grill

These discussions are the best opportunity we have of ensuring our advocacy agenda - driven by resolutions at annual conference and the LGAQ’s 10 Point Policy Plan - is understood and appreciated at the Cabinet table.

Councils need to matter to Canberra

When you collect 83 percent of all government revenue, it is important that your priorities are dominated by those matters that are important to all Australians.

Time for some fairness from Canberra

The events of this week demonstrate what happens when our federal parliamentarians become too absorbed in their own day-to-day political ambitions.

Hewn from the same stone

Here at the LGAQ we have 24 staff - accounting for 20% of our combined total workforce - that have worked in one or more councils. That's hundreds of years of combined council service. In short – we know our potatoes.

Walking away from indigenous housing

There is still much to be done to ensure the country’s First Peoples have all the advantages that other Australians enjoy as a matter of course.

Delivering the sizzle and the sausage

Welcome back everyone from the books, beach, fishing line, or the tractor and the Channel 9 cricket commentary team. To paraphrase the famous Sir Les Patterson: 2018 – we’re up it.

Buiochas le Dia

Poor old Queensland Local Government has endured some hardships but against it all there have been some magnificent achievements by councils and decent goals kicked by the LGAQ - it wasn’t all bad news - far from it.

Christmas presents writ large

As the year draws to a close I am in the mood to reflect on some of our brightest and boldest achievements for our membership.

Back to business

On Monday, LGAQ President Mayor Mark Jamieson and I met Premier-elect Annastacia Palaszczuk at 1 William St, making your Association the first organisation to deal with the likely incoming Government following last Saturday’s state election.

Played hard, done good

Five words sum up the LGAQ’s 2017 state election efforts - we did our very best. The 2017 Election LGAQ Scorecard shows that to be true.

Outback for thinking

This week marks my last week on the road for 2017 having visited the Blackall-Tambo, Barcaldine and Longreach shires dotted along the Matilda Highway. Great country, even better people.

Bombshells fail to jolt focus on the future

The Supreme Court handed down a ruling against the validity of the Fraser Coast Regional Council’s past three years’ rating which parts of the media did their level best to turn into a statewide crisis. It isn’t.
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