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Workplace diversity: Evolutionary, not revolutionary .

Councillors, CEOs, external representatives, ALGWA national and state presidents and the LGAQ President, CEO and senior staff huddled down for an afternoon to consider the statistics and discuss the challenges ahead with the aim of mapping a path towards the creation of the most capable and truly representative local government workforce.

All regions, all the time.

Regions, regions, regions is the call at the moment at both state and federal government level. It's been at least a decade or more since there has been this much interest in regional Queensland or Australia.

Disaster funding nonsense

The Productivity Commission’s disaster funding proposals mean one thing: the repair work for even small disasters where the damage bill falls under the $2 million threshold just won’t happen or will take years to be completed. You can’t get blood out a stone.

Something ‘Better’ to think about!

Something special happened last week at our annual conference, and it was more than just the closing sing-a-long by...

Mackay memories and unity in the ranks

The fast paced nature of the event meant that the three days flash before your eyes - to mention the human interaction with 600 other enthusiastic attendees. But you walk away with some abiding memories, not all standout moments, but ones that resonate with you for a variety of reasons.

Rolling out the welcome mat. Our role in community harmony.

The obvious topic of discussion this week would be next week’s annual conference in Mackay. Instead, I want to tackle the horrible events and loss of life this week in Canada’s capital, Ottawa. Why? Councils have an important role to play in promoting civility and de–escalating tensions in your respective communities across Queensland.

Change in the wind during bitter sweet week for local government.

It was one of those bitter sweet weeks in local government, with the LGAQ farewelling Gympie Mayor Ron Dyne as the outgoing Policy Executive representative for the Burnett Electoral District. Ron has had to stand down for health reasons.

"I love it when a plan comes together."

Just yesterday all five available meeting rooms on Level One as well as the Members Lounge had big groups of people in them.

Grand final fever serves up an IR metaphor we can't ignore

The new award is hardly a case of we came, we saw, we conquered. It’s more a case of an exhausted team on the footy field after hours of extra time realising the whistle has blown and trying to interpret in fairly quick time the score.

Feds call the shots, Queensland communities pay the price

Weekly column from Council Courier enewsletter by CEO Greg Hallam, Friday 26 September 2014 As if we didn't already know, this week confirmed it is Canberra not George St that truly...

Councils on the march towards Annual Conference

Nothing shows better how interesting and varied the world of local government is than the collection of motions to be debated at the LGAQ Annual Conference.

IR reforms reach a crescendo. We clarify our position.

IR reforms reach a crescendo. We clarify our position. Weekly column from Council Courier enewsletter by CEO Greg Hallam, Friday 12 September 2014 Industrial relations matters, more...

CEO turnover a hot topic

One of the areas of greatest concern for Queensland local government is the unprecedented turnover in CEOs post the 2012 election, the percentage of which all but mirrors the turnover in mayors at the poll.

A breakthrough on intolerable Roads to Recovery deadlock

Councils can now move on from what was an intolerable situation and have their Roads to Recovery grants paid for the 2014-15 financial year.

Urgent call for heightened action on disaster funding CEO Column 22 August 2014

Perhaps the biggest unresolved policy issue in local government in Queensland is the future of the all-important Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements, or NDRRA.

Remote roads in Richmond CEO Column 15 August 2014

President Margaret de Wit and a team of three LGAQ staff attended a specially convened Remote Roads forum in Richmond on Wednesday along with Transport and Main Roads Director-General Neil Scales, followed by two days of North Queensland Local Government Association Conference in the same town.

connect, innovate, achieve ceo column 8 august 2014

Connect, Innovate, Achieve Weekly column from Council Courier enewsletter by CEO Greg Hallam, Friday 8 August 2014 The LGAQ's credo is Connect .Innovate. Achieve. And the working week...


When he launched the final Queensland Plan at the LGAQ's Regional Economic Development conference in Hervey Bay yesterday, Premier Campbell Newman said...Weekly column from Council Courier enewsletter by CEO Greg Hallam, Friday 1 August 2014

From north to south in five days: CEO Column 25 July 2014

This week was one our President Margaret de Wit managed to quite literally cover the state from north to south in the space of five days...Weekly column from Council Courier enewsletter by CEO Greg Hallam, Friday 25 July 2014

Indigenous communities: councils lead the way CEO COLUMN 18 JULY 2014

Our Indigenous member councils have made some great achievements and progress over the past few years. Vibrant and energetic leaders have emerged to lead their communities into the future...Weekly column from Council Courier enewsletter by CEO Greg Hallam, Friday 18 July 2014
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