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CEO column: Debate and dedication on display

Friday 8 June 2018

I’ve said often in this column how much I value my time on the ground with our members. There’s no better way of gauging the temperature around an issue and its impact on Queensland councils and communities.

This week I was privileged to attend three very different events auspiced by the LGAQ. Once again, the depth and breadth of issues covered by local government in our great state was on display.

The one thing they had in common? A level of maturity and sophistication in debate and discussion which displayed exceptional leadership.

I walked away from each one reflecting how proud communities can be of the leadership role their councils are currently playing on several critical fronts.

Tuesday and Wednesday the LGAQ facilitated an Indigenous Leaders Forum in Cairns. Always well attended, discussion focused around key issues of indigenous housing in our remote communities, building on indigenous and cultural tourism opportunities and strategic decisions made around waste.

Interviews like this one with Mapoon Mayor Aileen Addo show how important local leadership is to shining light on challenges and opportunities in some of this country’s most remote – and special - areas. 

Next up, a Waste Forum in Brisbane Thursday. Attracting around 100 participants, it was an opportunity for councils as the current leaders in this space to hear from experts on the feasibility of a zero-waste future, as well as absorb some ground-breaking community sentiment research conducted by independent company Colmar Brunton.

Again, our communications team was on the ground interviewing you – our spokespeople. This video below shows the impact of community leadership in the preservation of the environment.

LGAQ members should keep an eye on their inboxes this afternoon. We’ll be sharing two important reports presented at the Waste Forum with you.

This morning, with the support of our legal eagles King and Company, we hosted an online Skype Q&A which unpacked the minutia of the Belcarra legislation. We’ve been flooded with calls since the legislation came to pass. It was an opportunity for us to assist you in understanding what the new laws mean for you in practice.

The audio and transcript from today’s discussion will be shared with members very shortly on LG Online, our members only website.

Together, all three events highlight both the thought leadership role and collegiate action and support the LGAQ plays in a range of vital areas.

More importantly – they showcase your commitment and dedication to the future of your communities.

As always, it’s a privilege to assist you.

Local Government Association of Queensland
LG House, 25 Evelyn Street, Newstead Qld 4006

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