Our online training solution is delivered through one of Australia's largest digital education providers, offering a comprehensive library of online vocational, compliance and professional development courses

LGAQ Online Learning is a dedicated online training solution to support elected members and local government employees.

The courses have been developed by a team of highly skilled instructional and digital designers, and/or sourced through reputable education partners. Our collection of nearly 300 courses provide training opportunities covering a vast range of skills and knowledge for career development, personal development and on-the-job training.

LGAQ Online Learning is available to you as a subscription library purchase or a simple 'pay-per-click' system for individual training units.

Why LGAQ Online Learning?


Members can participate 24/7, providing ease of access and removing the need to attend formal classroom sessions.


Councils can book one person on a training course, or 100 people. With the new pay-per-click option, smaller councils now have more flexibility to access affordable training - paying only for courses that are utilised.


Training programmes can be developed creatively using both traditional classroom and online learning. This enhances learning opportunities and is cost and time-effective.


Councils can add local government specific courses to the existing curriculum - adding value for all Queensland councils.

Course and staff management

Our subscription library includes automated administrative tools for monitoring and reporting course completion dates and prescribed compliance dates.

What's available on LGAQ Online Learning?

  • Over 300 courses are available
  • Free over-the-phone training is provided for council administrators and generally takes one hour.
  • Individual units from multi-unit courses eg diploma units, can be completed as stand-alone units

How much does it cost?

LGAQ Online Learning is available at a highly favourable rate for our members, and our expert consultant can work with you to assess the most suitable pricing option for your needs:

  • A monthly subscription License Plan (sliding scale pricing) providing access to a number of courses plus some at no charge. This option offers curriculum flexibility and is most cost effective for larger councils
  • A pay-per-click payment option for each course. This option is highly suited to smaller councils

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