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An ever increasing array of responsibilities demands that local government find ways to maintain service delivery while ensuring financial sustainability. Not to forget the significant challenges inherent to shrinking funding sources...

LGAQ Total Solutions draws on its extensive experience in dealing with councils across Queensland to assist you in identifying areas where efficiencies can be achieved.

Our Efficiency Performance Scan tool has been developed to provide a high level scan of your governance and operations and identify key areas of risk and potential efficiency savings.

How it works

Our team of experienced consultants will undertake a site visit to assist in collection of information from across key areas of your council. This information feeds an examination to determine whether:

  • Financial and Asset Management plans are consistent with council's community planning and to address all issues relevant to the maintenance of service standards and the achievement of community plans and objectives. Also, whether council's long term financial and asset management plans will maintain existing services and assist in delivering long terms plans more efficiently and effectively

  • Governance processes are relevant to council and will deliver relevant and effective outcomes to achieve efficiency gains and most notably that these processes support informed and efficient decision making, policy development and management

  • Workforce strategy and planning currently in place will deliver productive and efficient outcomes relevant to council's short and long term objectives

  • Community Engagement processes effectively ensure engagement so as to obviate reputational, financial and legal risk and to measure and imbed efficiencies in outcomes

  • Services outcomes have been successfully determined and that they are being delivered effectively and efficiently

  • Systems are relevant and support corporate objectives and promote ongoing efficiency improvement

You will receive a comprehensive written report highlighting key action areas. Visit our testimonials page to hear what other councils have to say about this highly effective tool.

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