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Business Partners and Subsidiaries


Local Buy - Procurement Services

Local Buy is the LGAQ's local government procurement service. Local Buy has over 40 arrangements including office supplies, IT hardware and software, trucks, plant and machinery, fuel, wheelie bins, playground equipment, corporate wardrobe, advertising and telecommunications.

Resolute - Information Technology Services and Solutions

Resolute Information Technology provides IT/Cloud services and solutions, web sites and associated services, and the development and implementation of software applications.

Propel - Customer Service Solutions

Propel Partnerships offer a full range of services such as shared services, debt management, credit management, rates management, 24/7 contact centre services, customer services, document management and more...

LGIS - Infrastructure Service delivery

LG Infrastructure Services (LGIS) are experts in developing and evaluating efficient and effective infrastructure solutions. They provide councils with strategy development, procurement advice, project management and project delivery services.

Govcloud - Cloud based Solutions and Services

GovCloud has been created by the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) to provide leading cloud based solutions and services to assist local governments achieve their strategic, operational and financial objectives. Partnering with global providers and utilizing the aggregated purchasing power of the LGAQ, GovCloud is able to provide top tier cloud based solutions and services in a scalable model  – providing a smarter way to manage and pay for technology.

Designed specifically for local government, GovCloud brings a new, flexible and powerful response to specific needs and requirements. GovCloud provides highly secure infrastructure, communications and applications available on a pay-by-use basis, which means quickly accessing the technology you need to achieve your strategic goals without the expense of owning it.

Contact us for more information about GovCloud solutions. 

LGAQ Total Solutions

LGAQ Total Solutions offers business consultancy, executive recruitment services, training packages and workforce consultancy and services. All consultants are local government experts and leaders in their fields.

LCIS - Community Insurance Services

Local Community Infrastructure Services (LCIS) is a joint national initiative of Jardine Lloyd Thompson and state local government Associations to provide not-for-profit clubs and community groups with an alternate source of insurance.