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Regional councils improve community standing

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Regional councils improve community standing

Local councils along Queensland's coastline have received a tick of approval from their communities, according to a comprehensive survey of public attitudes toward local government services.
The survey, conducted every two years for the Local Government Association of Queensland, showed that councils in provincial areas of the state were the big improvers among all local governments in terms of community satisfaction with their performance.
Those in regional coastal areas of Queensland who took part in the survey rated the performance of their councils in areas such as basic services and infrastructure, customer services and communication and community lifestyle services significantly higher than in the previous survey in 2011.
Research firm Market Facts has conducted the survey on behalf of the LGAQ every two years since 1997.
LGAQ President Margaret de Wit said the survey results were especially pleasing for those regional councils that went through the pain of amalgamation and were now performing well in the eyes of their communities.

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