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Funding to help clear the smoke

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Friday, 29 July 2016

Funding to help clear the smoke

Advocacy by the Local Government Association of Queensland has ensured extra funding will be provided for councils to help enforce the state’s anti-smoking laws.

The new laws, which take effect on 1 September, extend the public areas where people are banned from lighting up.

The LGAQ made submissions to the Parliamentary Committee, raising concerns about the impacts of the legislation on councils. 

The LGAQ supported the expanded laws but argued throughout the committee process that they would impose significant costs for councils, particularly in regards to installing or revising signage and removing “butt bin” containers from smoke-free areas.

The State Government this week agreed to provide $1 million in one-off grants to help 14 metropolitan and regional councils prepare for the new laws.

“We support any move that will help protect the health of Queenslanders but local governments need to be funded and resourced so we can help the cause,” LGAQ chief executive officer Greg Hallam said.

He said the LGAQ would continue to work with the government around other aspects associated with the laws.

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