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Infrastructure announcement resoundingly welcomed by Queensland councils

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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Infrastructure announcement resoundingly welcomed by Queensland councils

The state government’s announcement that it will index the maximum infrastructure charges on new developments has been resoundingly welcomed by Queensland councils.

Councils will now have access to an estimated additional $26 million per year which will help them to deliver vital community infrastructure across the state. 

Acting LGAQ President Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill has praised the announcement to end the moratorium on indexation and thanked the state government on behalf of Queensland councils.

“The maximum adopted charge on infrastructure will now better reflect increasing building and construction costs to councils, alleviating what has become a huge financial burden on local governments,” she said.

“The state government has listened to the concerns of councils and delivered early on their commitment to automatic indexation under new planning legislation.”

Cr Hill also said the announcement would be of significant benefit to ordinary Queensland ratepayers. 

“This announcement will help reduce the cost to Mum and Dad ratepayers by reducing the amount they pay in subsidising infrastructure in new developments,” she said.

“Since infrastructure charges were adopted in 2011 the LGAQ has petitioned successive governments to index the maximum adopted charge to better reflect the increasing burden of building and construction costs on councils."

The previous maximum capped charges only raised sixty-nine percent of the cost from developers towards providing infrastructure for Queensland communities, according to the Local Government Association of Queensland.

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