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Major parties make broad promises to local government but offer scant detail

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Thursday, 30 June, 2016

Major parties make broad promises to local government but offer scant detail

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The major parties contesting Saturday’s federal election have promised to address local government concerns over the future of natural disaster funding.

In their response to the Local Government Association of Queensland’s 2016 federal election policy plan, both the Coalition and Labor agreed to consult local councils extensively before moving to change disaster funding requirements.

However, both parties stopped short of agreeing to a specific funding program to ensure roads, bridges and other public infrastructure in Queensland are better able to withstand floods and cyclones.

LGAQ chief executive Greg Hallam thanked the parties for their responses but said he was disappointed at the lack of specifics about new policy directions.

“Local government is the closest level of government to the community and so is uniquely placed to understand what Australians want from their federal government,’’ he said.

“Whichever party takes the prize on Saturday, the LGAQ will continue to push the federal government to adopt a policy direction which ensures local communities are able to thrive and regional economies have the right conditions in continue growing.”

The LGAQ asked the parties for detailed responses to each point of its 10 point policy plan.

The plan prompted Labor, the Coalition and the Greens to promise to restore the indexation of financial assistance grants to local councils following the previous Abbott government move to freeze indexation in 2014.

In their response, the parties also partially agreed to identify new ways of funding vital urban infrastructure such as new transport links but failed to go into detail beyond committing to work with local governments.

On another crucial policy area, telecommunications, the parties agreed to continue to devote funds to fix mobile phone black spots.

A summary of party responses to the LGAQ’s election policy plan can be found at


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