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Long-term road funding provides certainty

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Friday, 17 June 2016

Long-term road funding provides certainty

A critical transport infrastructure fund has been locked in for the entire Queensland local government term, giving councils the certainty they need to accelerate vital road projects.

The Local Government Association of Queensland’s analysis of the State Budget shows councils will have access to over $100 million in additional funding over the next financial year.

The LGAQ has highlighted the State Government’s commitment to funding the Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme (TIDS) at $70 million a year until 2020 as one of the most important features of yesterday’s State Budget.

“As a result of LGAQ advocacy efforts, we will have certainty around TIDS funding for the entire local government term that allow councils to better plan their vital works programs,” LGAQ President Margaret de Wit said.

 “This is a co-investment model between the state and local governments who are required to match the funding on a 50-50 basis.

“Over the five years from 2015-16, from when TIDS was increased to $70 million, over $600 million will be invested on the Local Roads of Regional Significance network by 2020.

“This will provide certainty for Regional Roads and Transport Groups (RRTGs) across the state, enabling them to get on with the job of planning delivering these vital projects.

“Further to this planning certainty, this funding will support jobs and economic growth across regional communities, many of which are still drought-affected.

“In our federal election policy plan, we have called on the federal political parties to commit to first and last mile freight access issues on local roads over the next five years, which would dovetail well with this funding.”

Another key feature of the Budget is the allocation of $96.5 million over five years towards North Queensland road projects, including sealing the Kennedy Development Rd (also known as the Hann Highway) and upgrading the Gregory Development Rd.

“These routes are the lifelines of regional communities in North Queensland and vital links of the state’s supply chain so we’re pleased funding has been set aside for these projects,” Mrs de Wit said.

The government will also provide an extra $10 million over two years to upgrade road access to tourist and culturally-significant sites in western Queensland.

Local Government Association of Queensland
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