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Councils to capitalise on innovation investment

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Friday, 17 June 2016

Councils to tap into innovation investment

The Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) is working with a key state agency to drive innovation and investment in the local government sector.

A $225 million package to accelerate Advance Queensland’s innovation agenda is the centrepiece of the State Budget released yesterday.

The package includes $33.5 million over four years for a “Connecting with Asia” strategy, $10 million for a Platform Technology Program, $10 million for the Cairns Innovation Centre and $6 million over three years for Regional Innovation Hubs.

LGAQ chief executive officer Greg Hallam said each of these initiatives were of particular interest to councils.

“One of the LGAQ’s mandates has been to help local government adapt to the age of innovation,” Mr Hallam said.

“The responsibilities of councils are no longer confined to the traditional rates, rubbish and roads roles – local government needs to consider ways to create smarter communities and that’s what we are doing.

“With 40,000 employees across 245 occupations, we need to transition our workforce to be capable of performing jobs of the future.

“We’re pleased the government has invested so much in opportunities to innovate, build business and generate jobs.

“The LGAQ is working on a formal partnership with Advance Queensland to help councils to tap into this investment.”

Mr Hallam said he was also glad to see $15 million from the Budget to improve telecommunication services, an investment that would help regional and remote communities carry out innovation projects.

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