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Local issues to take national stage at NGA

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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Local issues to take national stage at NGA

Queensland’s councils will unite with their interstate counterparts to tackle national issues including the freeze on indexation on Financial Assistance Grants, stretched infrastructure, critical supply chain routes and disaster mitigation.

The Local Government of Queensland will support a raft of motions at the National General Assembly in Canberra, which starts Sunday.

Almost 80 motions have been put forward at the annual event, held by the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA).

The LGAQ has supported most motions, particularly those relating to restoring indexing of the Financial Assistance Grants and the funding of critical infrastructure and services.

Chief executive officer Greg Hallam said the NGA was a prime opportunity for councils across the country to pool their expertise, share their views on priorities and devise ways to attract government investment.

“The National General Assembly is particularly timely this year because of the upcoming federal election,” he said.

“The event will be a convenient forum for local governments to remind federal political parties of our most urgent needs, which include fairer funding models, more certainty surrounding Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements and disaster mitigation funding and investment in roads, telecommunication, indigenous communities and water and waste infrastructure.

“We’ll be able to make noise in numbers so that federal election candidates know exactly what we need.”

The LGAQ will support a delegation of about 80 people, including mayors and councillors, and host a special breakfast and briefing session for Queensland attendees on Monday morning.

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