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Parties urged to invest in local communities

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Friday, 27 May 2016

Parties urged to invest in local communities

Funding to ensure Queensland communities are more resilient in the face of natural disasters, more money for vital freight roads and a smarter approach to telecommunications and climate change are the key features of a detailed federal election policy plan.

The 10 point plan, prepared by the LGAQ, calls on parties contesting the 2 July poll to provide greater certainty surrounding Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) and commit $40 million to a special natural disaster mitigation fund for Queensland, which would be backed by support funds from the state and local governments.        

It also contains funding proposals for programs to develop infrastructure in the state’s north, fix the “first and last mile” of national road freight networks and help communities invest in projects that will help them and future generations adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Produced with input from Queensland’s 77 councils, the plan has been sent to all major and minor parties contest the election for response.

“We have set out a vital and achievable policy platform that political parties can adopt in the lead-up to the 2 July election,” LGAQ President Margaret de Wit said.

“In the heat of the federal election battle, political parties must not forget basic priorities of the communities councils serve.”

The LGAQ was also seeking investment in road infrastructure including $200 million a year nationwide for five years to address “first and last mile” access issues and a permanent Roads to Recovery program of at least $700 million a year nationally, with indexing to reflect increases in road and bridge construction costs.

The plan also prioritises water and wastewater infrastructure, telecommunication services in rural and remote communities, climate change mitigation and adaptation, housing and indigenous communities.

Mrs de Wit said political parties needed to understand the impact their policies had on councils and communities.

“To put local government into perspective, Queensland’s 77 councils collectively manage $108 billion in community assets and employ almost 40,000 people,” she said.

“Queensland councils are partners in government in helping drive job creation and significant local economic activity.

“We look forward to hearing commitments from the major parties in response to our plan.”

The LGAQ's 2016 Local Government Policy Plan can be viewed here.

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