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Friday, 6 May 2016


Legislation has been passed to ensure the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) consults with local councils on large-scale project proposals, following lobbying by the Local Government Association of Queensland.

Councils were omitted from the new fund’s draft investment mandate, released last month, as a jurisdiction to be consulted under the NAIF.

But a clause to ensure the facility consulted with local councils on proposed projects was this week included in the explanatory statement to the investment mandate.

The LGAQ provided three written submissions over 6 months on the consultation paper, the exposure draft of the NAIF bills and most recently the investment mandate as well as lobbying Minister for Northern Australia Matt Canavan and Resources, Energy and Northern Australia Minister Josh Frydenberg to include councils in the consultation.

“It makes sense for councils to have their say on projects proposed in their regions, given there will be major impacts on local communities and local infrastructure like roads and water,” LGAQ chief executive Greg Hallam said.

“The LGAQ was relentless in its lobbying efforts also raising the issue directly with the Minister in a recent meeting.”

“We welcome investment in economic infrastructure and development in the north, but we wanted to ensure that councils were among the stakeholders consulted prior to projects commencing in their communities.”

Local Government Association of Queensland
LG House, 25 Evelyn Street, Newstead Qld 4006


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