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LG Sherlock

Read about what LG Sherlock means for councils - pdfWhen 84 percent of Queensland councils told us they could use information to enhance their operations and provide better services to the community, we listened – and began developing our innovative new tool, LG Sherlock.

LG Sherlock has been designed to take the detective work out of finding the information councils need to provide better services to their communities.

The technology gives councils unprecedented access to the facts they need to significantly reduce running costs, better manage risks and improve their operations.

LG Sherlock will bring leading technology to Queensland councils, regardless of their size or budget – and provide a user-friendly and valuable tool for better decision-making.

LG Sherlock will allow councils the opportunity to leverage this technology, without building or administering it themselves.

How does it work?

Our expert data scientists will support councils to securely upload data and assess it through an online portal - allowing them to search, compare and filter a range of data.

We’ll also work with other tiers of government and non-government organisations to upload their data, making sure we’ve got the most comprehensive pool of information possible.

What can it help councils with?

There are countless possibilities for the data that can be pulled from LG Sherlock, including everything from improving energy costs, to managing complaints about barking dogs, reducing the cost of asset management or running a better library service.

The uses have a common theme: they all work to ensure better performing councils.


We’re developing a range of exciting use-cases for Sherlock, and the full capabilities of the technology will be on display at the LGAQ Annual Conference in October. 

For more information, contact LG Sherlock Project Manager Ryan Goff 1300 542 700. 

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