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Awards Showcase

Local governments across Queensland strive to use innovative methods to develop and deliver important community services and infrastructure. Some of the excellent and innovative work being undertaken by local government to improve business practices within councils and service delivery to communities is highlighted below.

Recent Award Recipients

Bundaberg Regional Council

November, 2015

The seventeen year Sister City relationship between Bundaberg and Nanning has achieved the top award at the Sister Cities Associations of Australia national awards held in Blacktown, NSW earlier this month.

Mayor Mal Forman said he was delighted with Bundaberg’s success at the awards which he put down to hard work, perseverance and a genuine air of friendship between the two cities.

'To win a national title really demonstrates the prominent standing Bundaberg has achieved in its relationship with Nanning.

'Our submission clearly showed the advances that have been made in our dealings with Nanning in the areas of education, tourism, agriculture and aviation.'



  • Brisbane City Council has been named Australian Sustainable City 2014 in the Keep Australia Beautiful awards.    

As well as winning the title of Australia's most sustainable city, Brisbane has won the national Energy Innovation award and Dame Phyllis Frost Litter Prevention award.

This is the second consecutive year that the Sustainable Cities awards have recognised Brisbane City Council as a national leader in Litter Prevention, as shown in up to 50 per cent reduction of litter across the CBD and Fortitude Valley.

Other projects nominated include Council's waste minimisation education, initiatives and research, the 100% Green Power project, the CitySmart CBD District Cooling project, the 25,000 Street Lights Retrofit project and the Fleet Group Environmental Plan.

This national recognition represents Brisbane's commitment to its vision of a clean, green city, and its strong performance in all awards categories of Community Action and Partnerships, Resource Recovery and Waste Management, Environmental Innovation and Protection, Litter Prevention, Energy Innovation, Water Conservation, Heritage and Culture and Young Legends.

Find out more about Council's sustainability projects at and read more about Brisbane's awards on the Keep Australia Beautiful website.

This award was accepted by Dr Hamid Mirfenderesk (pictured), Coordinator Natural Hazards, at the Floodplain Management Association's annual conference.This award was accepted by Dr Hamid Mirfenderesk (pictured), Coordinator Natural Hazards, at the Floodplain Management Association's annual conference.

Hamid was also awarded the Harold Sternbeck Medal for the best paper and presentation at the conference, titled Flood mitigation works and planning levels, a policy rethink; Gold Coast Experience.

Both the award entry and the conference paper examined how the City came to its policy decision to retain existing flood planning levels for the Nerang floodplain after Hinze Dam Stage III was complete.

The Flood Risk Management Project of the Year Award is awarded to projects that demonstrate the highest level of achievement in activities associated with the reduction of flood risk, protection of property, flood modification and/or emergency response.

Judges recognised the City's project for reducing the impact of future flooding in the Nerang River system and for challenging the conventional thinking of land use planning.

With devastating flood experiences throughout Australia in recent years, the project and Hamid's presentation attracted significant interest from other conference delegates, with many of them expressing interest in sharing the learnings from the project with their councils.

Hopefully the work of the waterways and flood management team will lead to continued improvements in flood risk management in Australia.


The Planning Scheme will assist the Council, the Queensland Government and the Australia Government to make better planning decisions, and gives the community greater autonomy and say in their future.

The benefits of the program include community involvement in sustainability initiatives and programs, and building the community's capacity to manage its future. Through this program the Townsville community has adapted its behaviour to become more energy conscious and implemented solar initiatives to reduce the impact of climate change.


Council has driven the development of the Health Hinchinbrook Committee. The committee is made up of local and state representatives, community organisations, local school teachers and community representatives, and aims to create a supportive and sustainable community that allows residents and visitors to be active and healthy.

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