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New Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements: your advice required


Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Asset Condition Assessments Management

From 1 July 2018 the Federal Government will introduce a new disaster recovery funding model. 

Following a consultation working group meeting to discuss the Draft (where ALGA is the representative), the Federal Government has requested advice on the frequency with which councils conduct asset condition assessments, both comprehensive and estimated.

The LGAQ has offered to collate the information for ALGA and request that you forward your advice PRIOR to noon Friday, 15 September. This will allow time to send the final details to ALGA by COB Friday, 15 September for submission to the Federal Government Monday, 18 September. 

Action required

To meet this request, it would be helpful if councils could advise:

  1. whether your council has a reliable asset condition register for the purposes of the new natural disaster funding model (see below)
  2. the frequency with which asset condition registers are updated, including separate advice on the frequency of comprehensive and estimated condition assessment methods, to demonstrate pre-disaster condition of the asset.
  3. any matters related to creating and maintaining an asset condition register to meet these requirements.

Please submit your information, and direct any questions, to Roland McMillan 1300 542 700.

Draft details

The current draft requires evidence of the pre-disaster condition of the asset:

6.2.5. The state must be able to demonstrate the location, nature and pre-disaster condition of the essential public asset through one or more of the following most appropriate means:

  1. geospatial data, including satellite images (latest available data but no older than two (2) years before the eligible disaster)

  2. visual data, including photographs or video footage (latest available data but no older than two (2) years before the eligible disaster)

  3. maintenance records, (latest available data but no older than two (2) years before the eligible disaster)

  4. asset registers (latest available data but no older than two (2) years before the eligible disaster), or

  5. an inspection report or certification (undertaken at the time of the damage assessment) conducted or verified by a suitably qualified professional, with the appropriate level of expertise and experience that confirms the damage was caused by the eligible disaster.

6.2.6. The assessment must include all evidence relied upon to demonstrate new damage (that is, damage from the eligible disaster) and the pre-disaster condition of the essential public asset.

6.2.7. The evidence must demonstrate that the damage to the essential public asset was caused as a direct result of an eligible disaster.

6.2.8. The Essential Public Asset Function Framework ensures the Commonwealth is only providing funding equivalent to the reconstruction of the essential public asset to its pre-disaster function.

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