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Indigenous funding increased and streamlined

The Palaszczuk Government has increased the State Government Financial Aid program (SGFA) by $3.4 million and streamlined the allocation and payment system.

Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships Mark Furner said the increase and new system would better place Queensland’s Indigenous councils to serve their communities.

“The SGFA supports Aboriginal Shire Councils to deliver core municipal services such as general public services, public order and safety, health, recreation and culture, transport and communication, education, and public amenities as well as build long-term financial sustainability,” Mr Furner said.

 “Not only has the Palaszczuk Government restored the indexation rate beginning next year, we have restored the funding for the program to the level it would have been if the indexation hadn’t been cut by the LNP.”

Two additional grants contribute to the almost $39 million in funding allocated to indigenous councils; the $1.44 million Indigenous Economic Development Grant (IEDG) which supports 15 councils maintain employment in local government service positions and the $3.525 million Revenue Replacement Program (RRP) used to deliver local government services for the nine indigenous councils which surrendered general liquor licences.

Mr Furner said the funding programs are vital for councils to continue to deliver local government services for their communities.

“The councils use these vital grants to help them provide core services for their communities as well as sustaining local government jobs,” Mr Furner said.

“Unlike in previous years, councils will be eligible for a 100 per cent upfront payment of the three grants.

“In addition, the three grants are being released simultaneously so the councils can receive as much upfront funding as possible early in the financial year.

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