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Changes to telco carrier powers

Thursday, 8 March 2018

The Minister for Communications and the Arts has released a determination following a lengthy consultation on the powers and immunities afforded to communications carriers. 

In a statement released last week, the Minister stated that ten of the 24 proposed amendments will be carried.


"The Government commenced consultation on 24 proposed reforms in June 2017. After giving consideration to the views of property owners, councils and other parties, the Government will immediately proceed with 10 reforms while conducting further consultation on 11 of the remaining proposals." the statement said. 

The Department of Communications and the Arts will undertake further consultation with stakeholders on the other proposed amendments throughout 2018.

While the LGAQ objected to a number of the proposals that have been accepted as part of these amendments, the Department has indicated that the proposal to install cable and conduit on bridges will not proceed.

Local Government Association of Queensland
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