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Big 3, big news

Friday 9 December, 2018

It's been a 'RRR' week this last seven days at your Association...

Roads, rates and rubbish.

Roads, as eight LGAQ two person training teams headed out on every highway and by-way to deliver Elected Member Update 2018 - go you good things. That and we love anything roads every day.

Rates, because we sent King & Company Solicitors' much regarded ratings resolution template to every council free of charge, and have locked in Thursday 5 April as an LGAQ Rating Masterclass - the first in a number of years.

Thank you to Tim Fynes-Clinton and his fellow partners for that kind gesture. The Masterclass is being put on for CEOs, CFOs, revenue managers, senior rates clerks and in house legal counsel.

It's also free of charge and will involve presentations from the Department of Local Government, the QAO, King & Company and expert financial modellers.

We are holding this event  because councils have had some ups and downs with rating the past few years. It's timely.

Read more here.

Finally, in light of the China ban on taking Australian recycling material we have embarked on a snap survey of all councils to ascertain the full impact of this decision on our sphere of government.

We need the facts and figures to argue for help from state and federal governments to advocate your case. A letter and survey form was emailed to every council yesterday. 

Please return the completed survey to us by COB Monday 19 March. Remembering it's only ever as good as the data and insight you provide us. 

Outside of the 'RRR' theme, this week we also launched a new digital partnership, a substantial investment in recognition of just how important your digital footprints are to the sector.

Read all about it here.

In the spirit of International Pirate Day: Rrrrrrr.

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