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Qld local governments powering climate solutions

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Brisbane, Logan, Sunshine Coast and Cairns councils this week joined the Climate Council’s Cities Power Partnership, a collaborative network of Australian local governments that now represents over two million Queenslanders.

Now with more than 70 member councils from across the country, the Cities Power Partnership is the Climate Council's national clean energy program for local government that represents more than 200 towns and cities.

Noosa Shire Council joined the program last year during stage one, with Mayor Tony Wellington saying it was a natural next step for council as they progress their 2026 zero emissions target.

“It’s a no-brainer for Noosa to participate in this project,” Cr Wellington said.

“Being able to compare notes, to work with other councils and to get ideas from the Cities Power Partnership is a great opportunity.

“We’re all heading down the same path ultimately, and the faster we get there the better for the planet.”

Speaking to the media at the stage two launch this week, Cairns Regional Council Deputy Mayor Terry James said they welcomed the opportunity to join councils across the country.

“We had 6000 people respond to our survey last year and one of the major points was they wanted to sustain the environment that we have up there,” Cr James said.

“In our region we’ve got two world icons – the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest – meeting in the one place and we need to look after them.

“That’s another reason we joined this program, we just want to share our knowledge and see what the other councils are doing too.”

Each member council is buddied with at least two councils from across the country to promote collaboration and sharing ideas and resources.

The Cities Power Partnership will host a summit later this year, including awards for the top performing councils.

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