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Council leads residents in best practice recycling trial

Friday, 27 July 2018

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Bundaberg Regional Council has launched a 12-month recycling trial calling on residents to no longer place flexible plastics in their yellow-lidded bin.

Queensland is experiencing a recycling crisis involving soft plastic following the decision from the Chinese Government not to accept bundled waste products from Australia and worldwide. The search is now on to uncover methods by which Australia can cater to either the disposal or reuse of previously exported waste products.

Portfolio spokesperson Cr Scott Rowleson said the need for the trial was identified at the Waste Recycling Industry of Queensland Association’s Queensland Secondary Resources Forum held in Bundaberg earlier this year.

“As part of the trial, Council is encouraging residents to no longer recycle flexible plastics or plastic containers,” Cr Rowleson said.

“Within the plastic category, we’re asking residents to focus their recycling efforts on plastic bottles and jars. This could include milk bottles, peanut butter jars, water bottles or even cleaning product bottles.

“The most important message as part of this trial is: Please continue to recycle! There are no changes to the paper and cardboard, steel and aluminium and glass jars and bottles recycling categories.

Cr Rowleson said Council would also be writing to both the State and Federal Governments requesting that a product stewardship program be established for the all soft plastics that currently have limited commercial value or markets.

“We recognise that these plastics are an environmental concern, so the onus is on us all to be aware of what we are consuming and what we are throwing out.”

 “This is an opportunity for the Bundaberg Region, one of two councils selected to participate in a recycling trial, to lead by example in defining a best practice kerbside recycling process moving forward.”

The LGAQ through its Advocacy Action Plan is calling on other levels of government to support councils taking steps to improve resource recovery and recycling outcomes for Queensland communities.

As custodians of significant natural assets and protectors of the environment councils are leaders in creating sustainable communities.

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