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CEO column: Not mired in the mud

Despite the legal and political contretemps of the last month, councils and the LGAQ have kept on keeping on - as you would expect.

In the last few weeks I’ve covered large parts of the state. Wherever I’ve been, the same message comes through.

Councils everywhere just want to get on with the job.

I’m hearing councils reinforce their commitment to transparency, acknowledge that higher levels of integrity are required and largely support the legislation passed last week.

Across the board, councils are ready to ensure these new measures are implemented and complied with. Again – as you would expect.

We have fielded a lot of calls on what the legislation means in practice and have assisted to clarify just that.

Importantly, the Department of Local Government have published FAQs and established a Hot Line to deal with your urgent queries.

If after a few weeks uncertainty about the new legislative framework does not subside we will consider running and broadcasting an information session.

The focus of councils has also been directed at upcoming budgets and the fiscal year ahead.

Similarly, at the LGAQ we are ploughing on with our agendas, particularly in the tech and innovation space.

LG Sherlock continues to tackle data projects for councils and uncover new challenges which data could assist with.

Our Digital Team has been busy on the phone with councils talking with them about what our recently announced partnership with Jadu means for their digital presence – and service delivery to their community.

New feature designs have been presented to councils that will create a better user experience with modern designs and contemporary features.

Not to forget the rest of our future proofing work program - programs like QCoast 2100, the Barrier Reef Councils Roundtable and trade and investment initiatives.

This week we ran three more Elected Member Updates across the state, at Flinders, Logan and Redlands councils.

No slacking for our teams.

Fingers crossed we’ll have some very exciting news we can share with you soon on rolling out block chain, homomorphic encryption and smart contact capability in our procurement and insurance businesses.

The LGAQ is looking forward not backwards and developing world class solutions to fraud and integrity issues.

Finally, this week the LGAQ announced that following the retirement of long term LGM/ LGW Chair Noel Playford AM, Mr Ian Leckenby will serve as the new joint boards Chair.

He’ll be in the role for four years from I July this year.

Mr Leckenby is a current LGM/ LGW Board member, chairs the Claims Committee is a company director and is an accountant of long standing experience and expertise.

Farewell to Noel and welcome to Ian.

Local Government Association of Queensland
LG House, 25 Evelyn Street, Newstead Qld 4006


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