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Annual Conference 2017 Motion Outcomes


Authorised by: Greg Hallam PSM Chief Executive Officer Thursday, 26 October 2017

Annual Conference 2017 Motion Outcomes

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The Annual Conference 2017 Motions Outcomes are now available on LGOnline.

A total of 90 motions were submitted at the LGAQ Annual Conference 2017, with one withdrawn.

LGAQ Advocacy staff have commenced preparing submissions to the relevant Federal and/or State Government Ministers to action motions that were passed.  Where appropriate, meetings will also be held with Ministerial and Departmental staff to continue representations on these resolutions.

When formal responses to the resolutions are received, the LGAQ forwards these to the council(s) that submitted the motion. 

If the desired outcome is not fully realised, the LGAQ welcomes any further information from the council(s) to support ongoing representations. All responses will also be uploaded to the Motions Database on LGOnline (member access required).

For any further information please contact Ask at or 1300 542 700. 



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