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Wednesday, 17 August 2016


The Local Government Association of Queensland has welcomed the release of a discussion paper that will guide a review of the councillor complaints process, saying it is an important step towards modernising the system.

The paper, prepared by an independent review panel, contains proposals to improve the process by which complaints against mayors and councillors are managed.

Both the LGAQ and the Local Government Managers’ Association (LGMA) had called for a review to streamline the system and reduce the frequency of frivolous and vexatious complaints about councillors.

“The process has too often been used as a political tool against elected members, particularly in the lead-up to elections,” LGAQ chief executive officer Greg Hallam said.

“This discussion paper is effectively a stocktake of the concerns about a complex system that is in need of a comprehensive review to ensure it is streamlined, transparent, efficient and fair.”

“We welcome its release and we look forward to the panel’s engagement with councils as it progresses the review to ensure it will result in sound recommendations to be put to the Government.”

The LGAQ encourages councils to make submissions to the review panel, which comprises former Queensland Integrity Commissioner Dr David Solomon, former LGAQ President and Noosa Mayor Noel Playford and former Logan City Council CEO Gary Kellar.

The panel is expected to hand down its recommendations by November this year.

The discussion paper can be found here.

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