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Election review must heed council concerns

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Friday, 05 August 2016

Election review must heed council concerns

A local government representative must be included on the panel of the long-awaited review of the problem-plagued 2016 council elections, the LGAQ says.

The State Government this week confirmed arrangements for an independent review of the Electoral Commission of Queensland’s performance in administering the March polls but has yet to release details.

The election was marred by a raft of complaints including sluggish updates of results, people voting in the wrong wards following boundary changes and missing enrolments. The ECQ’s website also crashed on election night.

Since the election, the ECQ has mistakenly issued fines to people for not voting.

The LGAQ’s acting chief executive officer Greg Hoffman said the review was welcomed but long overdue.

He said the process needed to consider all issues raised by the LGAQ, which called for the review of the ECQ immediately following the election on 19 March.

“It has taken too long to get to this point and with ECQ sending invoices to councils to pay for the election it can’t wait any longer to get underway,” Mr Hoffman said. 

“In addition, there must be a local government representative on the review panel to ensure council concerns are fully addressed.

“This cannot be a whitewash like previous reviews.”

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