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Northern issues take stage

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Friday, 29 July 2016

Northern issues take stage

Building stable workforces, supporting community wellbeing and planning and funding critical infrastructure took precedence at the North Queensland Local Government Association’s annual conference this week.

About 110 people descended on Cloncurry for the two-day event, which wraps up today.

Following presentations by the Assistant Minister for Local Government Jennifer Howard and a session on the State Infrastructure Plan, delegates discussed the need for further infrastructure funding in North Queensland, particularly for water facilities and roads.

Mayors and councillors also spoke about the need for strategies to attract and retain workforces in their regions.

They also called for a stronger emphasis on community health, especially mental health services for people still battling the impacts of the drought.

Senator Ian MacDonald spoke at the conference, making a personal commitment to supporting councils in the Federal Government’s development of new Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangement models.

Local Government Association of Queensland General Manager – Advocacy Greg Hoffman was also honoured for his 50-year service to the local government sector.

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