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Local flavour in state poll

Several current and former local government figures featured prominently as candidates in the 25 November state election.

Rockhampton Mayor Margaret Strelow’s bid to pick up the local seat of Rockhampton as an Independent candidate remains alive, although Cr Strelow is not confident of winning the seat despite the closeness of the count.

One former local government member turned Independent state election candidate has had more success.

The Mayor ran as an Independent after failing to win Labor Party preselection for the seat.

Sandy Bolton, a former Noosa Shire councillor, is the new member for the state seat of Noosa following a strong showing at the ballot box last Saturday. Ms Bolton defeated the LNP member Glen Elmes.

Bundaberg councillor David Batt will be the new LNP member for the state seat of Bundaberg.

And in the state seat of Warrego, two former mayors, Rob Loughnan (Maranoa) and Mark O’Brien (Murweh) competed for a place in the Parliament, but fell short of a win.

Mr Loughnan run under the Katter’s Australia Party banner while Mr O’Brien was the Labor Party’s candidate.

It appears likely Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s government will be returned, with predictions that the Labor Party will win the 47 seats needed for a majority in the 93-seat Parliament.

However, the result may not become clear until next week.



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